Peter James Clarke
Caroline's Locket
by Peter Clarke

It's 1851 and Sydney is growing fast, but suffering from many ails and travails. There are all kinds of people drawn from many parts of the world. Joe is one of them. A policeman living and working in Sydney. Life is tough and cutting corners is normal for fellers like him.
The casual theft of a locket seems easy and holds the promise of a small gain, although things might be less risky if he can compromise a diligent sergeant. However, the sergeant has problems of his own and what starts out as a random opportunity ends with tragic results. Fearing arrest, Joe chooses to leave Sydney and take a chance on the newly discovered gold fields to the west.
On the one hand, this is a story about Sydney, its people, the gold fields to the west and a journey in between. On the other, this is a love story about a man who finds himself being tested against the dangers of the time. Bush rangers, opportunists and the harsh Australian bush at the height of the gold rush.
Joe's difficulties are compounded and in the end, he finds he must do what he should have done all along.
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